WIBDQ #1: Yes, I Spent $100 at Glossier

It was one of my New Year’s Resolutions to blog more frequently.

Listen, I won’t make any excuses for not posting a single time in 2020…and now it’s mid-April. But since we’re stuck at home, and indefinitely for that matter, what better time to start blogging again than during a global pandemic?

In all seriousness, I was struggling to start writing again because I felt like I had nothing to talk about anymore. I spent so many nights during quarantine prepping myself to write just one blog—I gave up every single time.

When I started this website in my Branding of Me class, I wanted the world to know me better by sharing bits and pieces of my life. Through it all, I discovered that there was one topic that I loved writing about the most: travel.

Travel is something that I literally cannot stop talking about. And that’s exactly how I knew that I wanted to make travel into my full-time career. After graduation, I will be writing for The Points Guy, a travel blog and website with millions of followers.

While I have been mourning the trips I’ve had to cancel because of the coronavirus, I have decided to stop sulking and start writing. While the travel posts will be more infrequent because of the severe lack of trips in my life, I want to start a new spinoff series in my blog: What I Bought During Quarantine (WIBDQ).

When I’m not traveling, I love to shop. I try to spend my money wisely—emphasis on “try.” Lately, I have been prioritizing spending my money on higher quality goods that will last me longer. But of course, that comes at a higher price tag. Embarrassingly enough, I’ve had a package show up at my doorstep almost every single day for the past four weeks. I make myself feel better knowing that I am helping stimulate the economy during these difficult times, along with all the nights I order takeout to help support local restaurants…

Anyway, to kick off this series, I want to start off with some products I purchased from the lovely, Glossier.com. I’ve tried some of their products in the past. I found a few favorites (the cloud paint and boy brow? iconic), and a couple of not-so-favorites. Not every product can be perfect, of course, and there’s so much more to try. Somehow I ended up with six products in my cart, totaling $99.97.

Every WIBDQ post will have the same metrics on a scale of 1-5: shipping speed (important when you’re impatient and want your stuff ASAP), brand analysis (in my increasing efforts to support ethical/local/American-made businesses), product quality (is it worth it to drop your hard-earned cash on this stuff?), and finally, my overall thoughts. I hope you enjoy this series, and if there’s a product you think I should try next, let me know. I am way too easily convinced to buy things during quarantine.


Standard shipping is free when you spend over $30—that’s like buying two products, which is extremely easy to do. I placed my order on a Tuesday, and UPS delivered my goods by Friday. All mail services are heavily overloaded by the rise of online shoppers currently, so I was definitely impressed with Glossier’s fast, free shipping.


How exactly did I justify blowing $100 on Glossier during quarantine? Simply put, Glossier is a woman-led, American-made cosmetics company with kick-ass branding. As an advertising student, I totally see how this company was able to cultivate such a cult-like following in the few years of its existence. Glossier sells all of their products online, but they also have a few brick-and-mortar stores in NYC, LA, Atlanta, and London. I visited the NYC store all the time when I lived in the city last summer. Glossier has managed to hype up the mere experience of being in the store, that there is almost always a line to get in. It’s like the Disneyworld of makeup: the branding efforts of the store are absolutely stellar, leading to its wild success on social media. Talk about top-notch experiential marketing.

Glossier sets itself apart from the thousands of cosmetics brands out there by being minimalistic yet feminine. Minimalism not just in the sense of clean packaging—the products themselves enhances and emphasizes natural beauty. You won’t find any crazy colors or full-coverage products at Glossier. Best of all, Glossier products are all hypoallergenic, vegan, ophthalmologist-tested, dermatologist-tested, paraben-free and cruelty-free. The list goes on.

Also, as an aspiring copywriter, Glossier has extremely clever copy. This is incredibly important to connect with young millennial or Gen-Z audiences.


Now to the fun stuff. I bought the rose balm dotcom, generation G, lip gloss, brow flick, boy brow, and super bounce. Here are some thoughts on each product.

rose balm dotcom universal skin salve: $12. One of their most popular products. It’s a lip balm, but really can be used anywhere you have dry skin. There are eight different flavors, but I bought the rose because it’s lightly fragrant, sheerly-tinted, which is perfect for day-to-day use on my lips. And yes, this stuff really IS the BOMB DOTCOM. Unlike other chapsticks that dry your lips out, the balm dotcom keeps your lips hydrated all-day. The tint is VERY sheer, so if you are looking for more color on your lips, I’d recommend following up with the generation G.

generation G sheer matte lipstick in crush: $18. I am not a fan of lipstick, or lip products for that matter. All I really need is some good chapstick. But the generation G is a moisturizing, sheer lip product that gives your lips some LIFE. The color ‘crush’ is perfect for the spring + summer time, for that weightless, effortless look.

lip gloss in clear: $14. Again, I don’t like lip products. Who knew that I’d be buying a lip gloss at 21 years old? I think the last time I wore lip gloss was at a middle school dance. But Glossier’s lip gloss is the perfect combination of tacky while not being overly sticky, and glossy while not being overly shiny. It gives my lips a natural plumping effect.

brow flick microfine detailing pen in brown: $18. This is a revolutionary brow product. It’s super precise as you can mimic the look of individual brow hairs, all while looking natural. It is quickly becoming a staple in my everyday makeup routine. As a long time user of Anastasia brow products, I might just have to switch to this forever.

boy brow grooming pomade in brown: $16. This is my third time purchasing this product, and I have been impressed every time. This is great for a natural and effortless brow look that takes five seconds to put on in the morning. The product consistency is slightly tacky, ensuring longevity throughout the day. Because I have very sparse brows, I typically fill in my brows with a normal eyebrow pencil and follow up with the boy brow to set everything in place. My only complaint is that this product is tiny and will only last you a couple of months with consistent use.

super bounce hypaluronic acid + vitamin B5 serum: $28. This is the most expensive product of the bunch, and it’s actually the only skincare product I’ve ever bought from Glossier. I know I’ve only tried this serum for a couple of days, but I am OBSESSED! I always thought skin serums were for old ladies… but put this on after washing your face and before applying your moisturizer, and your skin will thank you. My skin has never looked so healthy and youthful. My mom always told me that taking care of your skin while young will do wonders when you’re older. And I trust her, because she’s a queen at 52 years old and has almost no wrinkles.


Glossier is an iconic brand that’s obviously doing something right.

When you’re stuck at home, it’s so important to prioritize self-care, whether that be through your skincare or makeup routine. Don’t get me wrong—I understand makeup is totally unnecessary during quarantine. But for me, putting on a few Glossier products has made me feel infinitely better about myself on the days when I’m feeling especially lazy.

Their price range is somewhat affordable, sitting in between the middle of cheap drugstore products to high-end cosmetics. However, the cost of these products can add up, so I recommend buying their sets if you want to save money. They bundle some of their most popular products together at a discount; in this particular order, I bought “The Core Lip Collection” and “Boy Brow + Brow Flick Duo,” which helped me save $9 and $4, respectively.

AND, if you want to save 10% on your order, shop through this link. You won’t regret it.

All Glossier products worn (except mascara) featured in this blog.

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