Discovering My Passion for Writing

Circa 2003

I believe that passions are fluid, meaning that they can come in and out at any point in your life. Some passions seem to come naturally, while others need to be consistently practiced.

One of my biggest passions is writing. Growing up with a single mom who would work after school and on weekends, I would have to constantly find ways to entertain myself. As a young child, this meant checking out 30+ books at a time at the library and making outfits for my stuffed animals out of old socks. I would have the craziest imagination as a kid.

In 2006, my family purchased one of those bulky desktop computers and put it in the corner of our living room. The monitor would take forever to turn on and load, and the Internet was outrageously slow. It kind of sat there, collecting dust, as we only used it to print out directions off Mapquest or send a quick email.

That summer however, I discovered Microsoft Word. Unlike other kids who were playing random computer games to waste time, I became obsessed with Word. I was just eight years old, when I started to type all of my stories on the desktop computer and have them saved to the hard drive.

I remember writing my first “novel” when I was nine years old, printing 30 pages of a single-spaced story. I unfortunately do not have a copy anymore, but it was a fiction piece about a girl and her sister getting stranded from their family after a hurricane.

And with the hours on end I would spend sitting at that desktop computer on Friday nights, I became an insanely fast typer, typing at about 130 words per minute.

I believe that passions are strengthened with positive reinforcement, and it is especially crucial when you are young. Although my mom immigrated to the United States in her mid-twenties and has trouble with her English sometimes, she encouraged me to keep writing. By the end of the third grade, I received the “Most Likely to be an Author” superlative. By the end of the fifth grade, I won $100 from an essay contest–which back then, that was a ton of money for a 10 year old. And when I got to high school, I never dreaded writing essays or making projects for my classes. Still to this day, I would prefer to write a 20-page paper for my class than take a final exam.

And now in college, I am an advertising major in the School of Media and Journalism. My assignments require creativity and writing skills, and I couldn’t be more grateful for a major that aligns perfectly with my passion. I am constantly encouraged by my brilliant faculty members to work harder, think deeply, and dream big.

Writing has also become something that is therapeutic for me. I often struggle to put my thoughts into spoken words. Meanwhile, if I start to drag my pen across a piece of paper in my journal, my thoughts flow continuously in written word. Therefore, it has become a medium where I can express myself when my spoken words fail me.

I am so glad my passion is something that I can turn into a career. I plan to go into copywriting, an important and growing part of the advertising industry. Another big dream of mine is to write an autobiography of my life, which I hope to get started on sometime soon.

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