How to Beat the Post-Vacation Blues

I was inspired to write this blog post because one of my best friends texted me this earlier today. He just came back from a spring break vacation in Madrid, Spain.

The worst part of going on vacation is coming back from one.

Let’s face it–it’s difficult to go from sipping a piña colada on a beach to immediately come back to miserable weather and sitting in classes all day. I just came back from an incredible and relaxing vacation in Puerto Rico, and there’s no doubt that it was hard to adjust back to my normal routine. I constantly find myself daydreaming about the memories from last week.

It’s natural to have these feelings of nostalgia after coming back from a trip. But when post-vacation blues starts to affect your productivity levels and work habits, this becomes a problem that you need to tackle from within.

Puerto Rico with my best girl friends!

Here are my tips for getting over those post-vacation blues to take charge to find the beauty in your own life.

Be in tune with your surroundings.

On vacation, I love being able to turn off email notifications and forget all of my responsibilities back at home. Catching a break from the mundanities of life is essential to feel recuperated from your day-to-day routine.

Instead of feeling dread about returning to work or school, take some valuable time to see the positives in your everyday life. I am guilty of this, as I am always dissatisfied at my seemingly boring life.

However, while vacations are amazing, we forget that constant travel and moving from place-to-place can take a toll on you. At least for me, I was getting pretty tired of having to Uber everywhere instead of having the convenience of my car back at home. Travel can also be stressful, as you want to try to see as many sites as you possibly can in a short amount of time. Also, when you’re traveling in a group, you do not have any privacy or time to take care of yourself.

I was running on campus when I stopped to take a picture of this beautiful view.

Therefore, it is nice to come back home to a routine that you feel comfortable and confident in tackling. It might not be the most exciting place in the world, but it is important to be mindful and grateful of where you live and your routine that keeps you grounded. Chances are, where you currently live will not be where you live in a few months or years down the road. Cherish every moment you have, even when it’s not on vacation.

Learn a new language.

Every time I travel, I always leave with an admiration of foreign languages. Being trilingual, I have been lucky to travel to destinations where I can understand and converse with natives.

However, I still have a desire to improve my conversation and listening skills in Korean and French. I have also created a goal for myself this summer to start learning Spanish, as it is a language I have always wanted to learn. By doing this, I will want to continue to travel so that I can practice these skills on future trips.

Some resources I recommend include Duolingo, listening to podcasts, or watching films or Youtube videos in the language you wish to learn.

Plan your next trip.

In six weeks, I will be wrapping up the semester and enjoying the last summer as an undergrad. I will have about a month before my internship starts in New York City, but before then, I have been thinking of possible trips I can take. Sometimes, all it takes to beat the post-vacation blues is keeping yourself motivated.

So excited to work in my favorite city this summer!

By planning your next trip, you’ll feel more motivated to work hard and save your money so that you can have another awesome experience. If all my time was spent vacationing, I wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate living in the moment.

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