Small Wins: Sunny and 65 in February

In this series of my blog, I’m going to be discussing my small wins and what that means to me.

It’s all part of my bigger resolution for 2019 to have a better understanding of myself and be more mindful of my surroundings. As a busy college student, it’s so easy to get lost in the mundanities of my day-to-day routine. But within the nooks and the crannies of each task I have to cross off of my to-do list is a bunch of small wins that I don’t give better recognition. To me, the most unconventional occurrences in life are the best small wins of them all.

Today’s small win was not just the abnormally beautiful weather outside for a February. It was also the chance that I got to hang out with two of my closest friends, Emily Smith and Harrison Pierce.

I met Emily on my summer study abroad trip to Paris almost two years ago. We explored the ins and outs of the city together for six weeks–her adventurous spirit was akin to mine. I had always heard that the people you meet on study abroad would be some of your closest friends in college, but I didn’t realize that Emily would become a lifetime friend.

I met Harrison through Emily and other mutual friends, but we became especially close this past summer. We instantly clicked as our personalities and mindsets were extremely similar. I consider Harrison to be one of the kindest and thoughtful friends that I have.

But when we’re together as a trio, we always have the most fun. Out of the blue, Emily texted me today asking if Harrison and I wanted to model for pictures she wanted to take for her blog post. It felt so good to just be able to walk outside and enjoy the breeze with two of my closest friends for hours until the sun set.

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